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Pelle Perlefelt
CV Pelle Perlefelt

1993-98 The Royal institute of art in Stockholm, master degree in fine arts
1995-96 University of Gothenburg, faculty of fine arts (guest student)
1990-92 Nordic art school in Kokkola, Finland
1988-90 Lunnevads folkhögskola, fine art in Linköping
1987-88 KV school of art in Linköping

Solo exhibitions:
2020 Domeij Gallery in Stockholm "Nature part two" 22/8-19/9
2017 Tyresö Konsthall in Stockholm "Silence" 20/5-26/8
2016 Domeij Gallery in Stockholm "Silence" 25/8-17/9
2014 Kronan Gallery in Norrköping "Brooklyn History '96"
2013 Domeij Gallery in Stockholm ”Brooklyn History ’96” 21/3-14/4
2008 Bror Hjorths Hus in Uppsala 10/5-8/6
2008 Thomassen Gallery in Gothenburg 8-18/5
2008 KAZ Gallery in Västerås 12/4-27/4
2007 Alka Gallery in Linköping 14/3 – 10/6
2006 Göteborgs konstförening In Gothenburg 14/10-5/11
1998 Mejan Gallery in Stockholm 7-19/3
1997 Bror Hjorths Hus in Uppsala
1995 Bergrummet at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg
1993 K Gallery in Linköping

Group exhibitions:
2023 "So long salong" Domeij Gallery in Stockholm
2017 "Travelers" Domeij Gallery in Stockholm 25/11-16/12
2017 "Supermarket" Svenska konstnärernas förening, Stockholm
2015 "Paperwork" Domeij Gallery in Stockholm 18/4-17/5
2015 "vårsalongen" (The spring exhibition) at Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm 29/1-29/3
2014 "UPPSAMLING." Museum of art in Uppsala, 8/11-26/11
2014 "Ankomst" Konstnärshuset in Stockholm
2014 "Carlsson/Perlefelt Invitational from Nordic school of art", Gallery VISU in Kokkola, Finland 31/1-1/3
2013 "Sommarsalong", Galleri NP33 in Norrköping 18/5-5/9
2013 Group exhibition, Domeij Gallery in Stockholm 24/1-17/5
2012 Group exhibition, VinContoret in Tidaholm 30/3-
2012 “Vårsalongen” (The spring exhibition) at Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm 27/1-25/3
2011 “PICKNICK”, Gallery Thomassen in Gothenburg 4-21/8
2011 “Vårsalongen” (The spring exhibition) at Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm 28/1-27/3
2010 “Teckning, Teckning...” (Drawing, Drawing…) Bror Hjorths Hus in Uppsala 11/9-3/10
2009 ” OLD MEDIA – NEW WORK”, The opening exhibition of Verkstad, in Norrköping 27-30/5
2008 “Vårsalongen” (The spring exhibition) at Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm 25/1-16/3
2007 ”UPPÅT VÄGGARNA” Konsthall ALKA
2003 ” PROUDLY PRESENT”, Rättviks Konsthall 9/8-14/9
2003 ” ACTION WORK”, Biblioteksgatan 11, Stockholm 15-25/5
1998 ” BRUS”, Edsvik konsthall in Stockholm, 11/7 -23/8 (An audio installation)
1998 ” TWINKLE, TWINKLE LITTLE STAR”, Arresten, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, 11-25/7
1998 Pannrummet at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg 21/2-8/3
(A memorial exhibition dedicated to the deceased artist Håkan Carlsson)
1997 ” UNGA TECKNARE” , Nationalmuseum in Stockholm
1996 ” ÖSTGÖTA VÅRSALONG”, Östergötlands länsmuseum in Linköping
1995 ” SPACE-MAGIC”, Gallery Rotor in Gothenburg
1995 ” SPORTS IN ART”, Göteborgs Konstmuseum in Gothenburg
1995 ” ÖSTGÖTALEKEN”, Norrköpings Konstmuseum
1994 ” LEVANDE MODELL”, The Royal Swedish Academy of fine arts in Stockholm
1994 ” MAILED ART”, in Uppsala
1993 ” MONITOR 93”, Kulturens Hus in Frölunda and Göteborgs Konstmuseum in Gothenburg

2017 Längmanska kulturfonden
2016 Svenska Konstnärernas Förening, the foundation of Kai Bäling and Greta Werner-Bäling
2008 A one year scholarship from Konstnärsnämnden
1998 The foundation of Helge Ax:son Johnson
1997 The foundation of Helge Ax:son Johnson
1997 Bror Hjorths scholarship in drawing
1995 A scholarship for studies in fine art from Gålöstiftelsen
1990 The foundation of Martha, Wivi and Åke Liljeson

2020 Cataloge, Pelle Perlefelt - Art is my poetry
2014 Painting made on comission by Gruv12:an in Kiruna
2014 Guest teacher at Nordic school of art in Kokkola, Finland
2011 A project made for Svensson Reklam, Kungsg. 4a, Stockholm (to a showroom, “Älvsjö 360”, oil on canvas, 284x80cm)
2009 An adornment (fund wall painting) at Folkbaren, Hornsgatan 72b, Stockholm (”­ No man´s land #2”, oil on board, 160x280cm)
2008 A lecture at Bror Hjorths Hus Museum about my paintings and the life as an artist.
2004 Stockholm Art Fair, Natalia Goldin Gallery
2001 Decorated and ornamented Absinth Bar & Bistro in Stockholm
2003 Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Ahnlund
2001 Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Ahnlund
2000 Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Ahnlund
1999 Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Ahnlund
1999 Rented a studio in Berlin
1997 Project ” INSTANT ART”, Poster as art in Linköping
1996 Rented studio´s in San Francisco and New York
1995 An adornment at the house of ISS, Marievik 25 in Stockholm (mural painting)
1994 SM-silver of snow sculpture in Kiruna (a wild boar)

Represented at:

Tyresö Municipality (Tyresö kommun)
Gruv12:an in Kiruna
Stockholm county council (Stockholm Läns Landsting)
Linköping Municipality (Linköpings kommun)
​Norrköping Konstmuseum

Norrköping Municipality (Norrköpings kommun)
Göteborgs Kulturförvaltning
Västra Götalands Konstenhet
Bror Hjorths hus in Uppsala
Uppsala county council (Landstinget i Uppsala Län)
Haninge Municipality Kultur & Fritid (Haninge kommun)
The National Art council of Sweden (Statens konstråd)
SAK (Swedish Association for Art)
Restaurang Folkbaren in Stockholm
Svensson Reklam
Private collections

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