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At Pathways End

Saturday 4th of May 2024 1–4 p.m.

The exhibition continues until 26th of May

Hon sjunger på två språk.jpg

Kristina Thun works with watercolour, painting and printing in her artistry. Fragments from everyday life take a central place in her pictures. Objects, places, people and animals become part of small events that can become a larger story. Like a collage, Thun joins the different parts of figures, events and abstract forms into a myriad of stories. The figures become actors in imaginative worlds. Here we find unknown people, with their eyes turned away and on their way somewhere, as well as animals that can sometimes look towards the viewer. Where they are going is not stated, the gaze is like ours, directed towards an unknown horizon. This invites the viewer for interpretations and gives us the opportunity to become part of the story. At the same time, the images hide secrets, as if only the figures in the image know where the path ends.

Coming Exhibition
Rosa Häggbom
Saturday 1/6 – Tuesday 25/6 2024
Rosa Haggbom Galleri Artem.jpg
Skogsljus Pelle Perlefelt Galleri Artem 2024.jpg
Previous Exhibition
Pelle Perlefelt
Between the Trees
Saturday 6/4 – Sunday 28/4 2024
Previous Exhibition
Lina Stenqvist
Saturday 9/3 – Tuesday 2/4 2024
1 Under ytan, 92x73cm, akrylmålning på duk 2.jpg
Emelie Björck Galleri Artem.jpg
Previous Exhibition
Emelie Björck
Saturday 3/2 – Sunday 25/2 2024
Previous Exhibition
Petter Kreuger
Saturday 6/1 – Sunday 28/1 2024
Dive into the box 5.jpg
Samlingsutställning Galleri Artem.JPG
Previous Exhibition
Collective Exhibition 2023
Thursday 14/12 – Sunday 30/12
Previous Exhibition
Magdalena Cavallin
Saturday 25/11 – Sunday 10/12 2023
Magdalena Cavallin Galleri Artem.png
Monica Larsson Galleri Artem.jpg
Previous Exhibition
Monica Larsson
Från plats till plats
Saturday 4/11 – Sunday 19/11 2023
Previous Exhibition
Erik Sigerud
Mellan sken och verklighet
Saturday 14/10 – Sunday 29/10 2023
Erik Sigerud Circuit Galleri Artem
Angus dei 2.jpg
Previous Exhibition
Lina Stenqvist


Saturday 23/9 – Sunday 8/10 2023

Previous Exhibition

Susanna Salifou Nygren


Saturday 2/9 – Sunday 17/9 2023

Susanna Salifou Nygren Makaon Galleri Artem.jpg
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